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Temporarily in need of extra support from an experienced consultant in the fields of, for example, Finance & Control, Change Management, ERP implementation, or Integration and Carve-out? Mind Your Finance has ample experience with these processes at both large and medium-sized companies and knows how to tackle any challenges.

Finance & Control

Looking for a fresh pair of eyes for your accounting and controlling set-up? Mind Your Finance would be happy to review your organization and, based on a thorough analysis, give advice on potential areas of improvement. Our clear reports will allow you to implement these improvements yourself; however, this process could also be outsourced to Mind Your Finance, which will gladly take care of the entire journey, from advice to implementation.

Additionally, Mind Your Finance could help you as a temporary reinforcement or replacement in the field of Controlling (for example, by making budgets or annual accounts). Many years of hands-on experience at various companies ensure that Mind Your Finance will quickly be able to understand your organization and its underlying processes.

Businesses are always on a trajectory. A lot of companies have to adapt to changing circumstances or, for example, rapid growth or decline. Refusing to change often isn’t an option in cases like these. Mind Your Finance can map out any desired adjustments and implement them. Open communication between the involved parties as well as a clear plan are important prerequisites for this process.

Change Management

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ERP Implementation

Changes to a company often also affect its systems. Adjustments to the ERP system, or a complete overhaul of it, are radical, difficult changes. Mind Your Finance is able to support your company during the necessary ERP implementation.

Integration or carve-out

Planning an acquisition or disposal of a business unit? An integration or carve-out’s success depends on proper planning and the existence of a sufficient support structure. Mind Your Finance can help smooth this process by creating a quick and thorough analysis of your desired trajectory.

Miscellaneous Financial Challenges

With extensive experience in the field of finance, Mind Your Finance can support you during all sorts of financial challenges such as business planning, financing or the implementation of information systems.

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