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Parttime CFO


Companies are founded when someone has a brilliant idea, often of a technical or organizational nature, but transforming a good idea into commercial success isn’t always easy: a good business plan and financial organization are essential aspects of any company’s journey. However, a company in its start-up phase tends to have insufficient resources or challenges for attracting a specialized CFO.

Mind Your Finance offers these start-ups the opportunity to be supported by an experienced and enthusiastic CFO on a part-time basis. This helps fledgling companies gain access to sufficient experience at a relatively low cost, allowing them to turn their start-up into a success story!

Alternatively, if things have been going well for the past couple of years and organizational requirements have grown rapidly, finance will become an important part of the organization instead of just a necessary evil. In these cases, companies will need their finance functions to be professionalized further and additional funding to take the organization to the next level. Mind Your Finance helps these companies turn their finance departments into a true cornerstone of the organization to help its growth along smoothly.

Mind Your Finance provides a hands-on, seasoned CFO with experience in supporting fast-growing companies and the financial issues involved in this transitional phase: from strategic planning to attracting more funding, from managing the financial department to setting up (KPI) reporting systems. This can be done on both a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the needs of the company.



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